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OSU Bullets

• Kind of fun to look at OSU’s history in New Year’s Day games

• What there is to know about Mike Gundy’s new contract he got earlier this year

• Cowboy Basketball’s Big 12 opener against Texas Tech has been postponed

• Tonight’s OSU/TU women’s basketball game has been canceled

Love to see Jaylen Warren back out there – have to believe Spencer Sanders is a better QB with No. 7 on the field

The Pokes are dragging up the rear in this Big 12 men’s basketball power ranking

• Awesome graphics here – can you imagine if both teams went throwback?

Non-OSU Bullets

• Could have went for a more satisfying ending but enjoyed this recent John Grisham novel
• How much the homes in Christmas movies cost
• Some of the top YouTube hits (#faithbased angle)

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