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MBB: Texas Tech 78, Cowboys 57  

OSU Bullets

Five Thoughts on the Pokes road-loss to Texas Tech

• The latest “Feels Like 45” podcast talks about Cowboy Basketball and transfer portal targets

Recruiting Update: The Pokes offered a touted offensive tackle (high schooler) and a running back from a Power Five program in the portal

• This on how Mike Boynton recruits isn’t surprising at all:

“I’m just big on building bridges, not burning them,” Boynton said. “So whether something goes the way I want it to in recruiting, I still talk to several guys that I recruited who never came here…”


• I’m a bit floored that someone would have OSU as low as fourth in the way-too-early Big 12 rankings for next fall

OSU sports are No. 19 nationally for the Director’s Cup standings – tops in the Big 12

• I feel like “under-recruited fighters that will scrap for every inch” may be used to describe Mike Gundy’s football teams also:

• Looks like the Pokes are losing some off-field (and on-field in McFarland’s case) assistants to Ohio State as a result of Knowlesgate:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Lots of talk about goals
• How to make a difficult decision
• Marriage’s greatest challenge (faith-based)

I agree with this take – regionalization of title game attendees doesn’t help anyone. Relegation may be a fun way to reinvigorate interest.

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