Drive Diary: OSU Dominated Texas Tech in Nearly Every Facet of the Game

November 21, 2021

Oklahoma State showed up in Lubbock with a chance to lock up the first of two tickets to this year’s Big 12 title game, and the Pokes did more than just ruin Senior Night.

Let’s relive the Cowboys’ 23-zip win, through a chronicle of the game’s 26 possesions.

Total Drives: OSU 13, TTU 13
Total Yards: OSU 427, TTU 108
Time of Possession: OSU 36:58, TTU 23:02
Three-and-outs: OSU 2, TTU 8
Turnovers (Points Off): OSU 0 (0), TTU 1 (3)
Avg. Starting Field Position: OSU Own 31, TTU Own 23

Here are the drives.

TTU: Cowboys force a opening-drive three-and-out.

OSU: Cowboys sling it down the field on first drive with Tech loading up the box. Drive stalls at the 7-yard-line and OSU settles for 3.

Cowboys 3, Red Raiders 0

TTU: Another three-and-out, this time with three-straight negative plays forced by the Pokes.

OSU: Cowboys go three-and-out themselves. Tyrese Williams goes down and gets up gimpy. Sanders almost has Tay Martin for a first down on third-and-13, but it’s just off and broken up.

TTU: The Pokes had another three-and-out spoiled with a PI call on Jarrick Bernard-Converse. ‘Twas questionable. Then a would-be disaster averted for Tech when a backward pass was dropped and bounced back into the hands of Xavier White. Tech goes for it on fourth down, and Tanner McCallister breakup saves a TD and turns the Red Raiders over on downs.

OSU: Drive starts with a couple of runs up the middle by Warren, Sanders finds Tay Martin for a first down.


Cowboys drives stalls after a delay of game on fourth-and-1.

TTU: Another loss, that’s five TFLs in the Cowboys’ first 16 tackles. Seems good. Another three-and-out after a miscommunication on a deep route. Donovan Smith and his wideouts have not been on the same page today.

OSU: Sanders starts the drive with a deep corner route shot to Tay Martin for 37 yards. It’s reviewed, and it’s a catch.

The very next play is a shot to Blaine Green that was called out of bounds. It’s reviewed and is overturned. Sanders just missed John Paul Richardson for a new TD. Then Richardson’s double-play pass would have been a TD. Jaden Bray couldn’t pull it in. Cowboys settle for another FG. Need to start paying this long drives off with 6 instead of 3.

Cowboys 6, Red Raiders 0

TTU: A QB hurry by Bernard-Converse forced Smith into an intentional grounding. Cowboys get another stop.

OSU: Sanders got flushed out of the pocket for a 9-yard pickup, but the Cowboys stall after that. Sanders nearly got picked off on third-and-long.

TTU: Tech gets its first positive pass play of the game with seven minutes left in the first half. Christian Holmes picks up a holding call. Brock Martin had a huge TFL. Then he followed it up with a sack to get the stop. OSU up to three sacks and eight TFLs.

OSU: Cowboys get flagged with five men in backfield. Call JP Richardson Mr. First Down.

Cowboys’ drive kept alive by a holding call on Rico Jeffers for just tackling Jaylen Warren. JPR finds the end zone on the very next play.

Cowboys 13, Red Raiders 0

TTU: Pokes force another three-and-out (their fifth), and the second quarter ran out as the 70-yard punt ran into the end zone. Pokes get the ball back to start the third.


OSU: Cowboys start out with a big run by Jaylen Warren. He takes a knee to the head at the end of the run and gets spelled by Dominic Richardson.

Cowboys stall after JPR gets the ball stripped on a would-be first down catch. Equals a three-and-out to start he second half.

TTU: The Cowboys earn the first turnover of the night when Tyler Lacy poked the ball out of Donovan Smith’s mitts. It’s Tech’s third fumble but the first one OSU could fall on.

OSU: The Cowboys have to settle for another field goal when another drive stalls in the red zone. Tay Martin had a ball in the end zone that he just could not hold onto. OSU gets 3 points off the turnover, but the Pokes are failing to separate from the Red Raiders on Senior Night. OSU has been less than effective in the red zone.

Cowboys 16, Red Raiders 0

TTU: Tech is taking shots. One of them ends up in a DPI by Bernard-Converse, but it saved a huge play. Smith then overthrows three different receivers out-of-bounds. Cowboys could have gotten beat on a couple of those. At least one of them might have been a score.

OSU: Cowboys start on their own 8 thanks to a holding call by Trey Rucker on the punt return. But Dominic Richardson runs the Cowboys out of the hole.

Another drive stalls due to another drop by Tay Martin. Martin lost his footing and laid out for a big play but couldn’t haul it in. Punt. Tech is still in striking distance despite being outgained 326-43 to this point.

TTU: Red Raiders make a QB change, with Behren Morton. No harm so far. That’s the sixth three-and-out for Tech who is averaging 1.1 yards per play to OSU’s 5.2.

OSU: Cowboys get more going in the air with Sanders hitting Tay Martin for a pair of big chain-movers. Dez Jackson gets swallowed up for a loss. Josh Sills gets up slow and heads to the sideline. The Pokes were about to go for a FG on fourth-and-2, but Tech got called for a delay of game on defense and it gifted OSU a first down. Pokes will start the fourth on first-and-10 on the TTU 22.


Tech picks up a holding penalty to put the Pokes on the 12. Sanders scores on a keeper to give the Pokes some distance.

Cowboys 23, Red Raiders 0

TTU: Tech fans already had a warning for throwing a Bud Light on the field, so this water bottle will cost them 15 yards. Devin Harper almost had a pick there. The Red Raiders are going to punt again.

OSU: The Cowboys are in handoff and drain the clock mode.

TTU: Donovan Smith is back in for Tech. JBC gets another DPI call to start the drive. Tech is in desperation mode and is going to chuck it around. Tanner McCalister almost reeled in an INT. The Raiders got for it fourth-and-7 and turn it over on downs. Pokes take over at their own 33.

OSU: The Cowboys are held to just their second three-and-out of the night. It wasn’t always pretty, but the offense did enough to win. A couple of dropped passes and penalties made the difference in a big blowout and tight shutout.

TTU: Not much going for the home team. OSU’s defense is a stifling. Tech looks like a housecat in a bear trap.

OSU: The Pokes run out the clock and have shut out a team for the first time since Savannah State in 2012. It’s the first shutout of a Power 5 opponent since OU in 1995. And that’s who they’ve got next.

FINAL: Cowboys 23, Red Raiders ZIP

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