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You never know how much a win against Kansas, even by 50, will affect the moods of those voting on these rankings. In this instance, the way in which the Cowboys won seems to have been important.

Oklahoma State climbed up four spots in this week’s AFCA Coaches poll to No. 11.

Here’s a look at the entire Top 25 ranking.

Rank Team  Record Prev Week
1 Georgia 8-0 1
2 Cincinnati 8-0 2
3 Alabama 7-1 3
4 Oklahoma   9-0 4
5 Ohio State 7-1 5
6 Michigan State 8-0 7
7 Oregon 7-1 8
8 Notre Dame 7-1 11
9 Wake Forest 8-0 13
10 Michigan 7-1 6
11 Oklahoma State 7-1 15
12 Texas A&M 6-2 14
13 Baylor 7-1 18
14 Auburn 6-2 21
15 Ole Miss 6-2 9
16 Iowa 6-2 10
17 Kentucky 6-2 12
18 Texas-San Antonio 8-0 22
19 Houston 7-1 NR
20 Brigham Young 7-2 NR
21 Coastal Carolina 7-1 24
22 NC State 6-2 25
23 Penn State 5-3 17
24 Southern Methodist 7-1 16
25 Pittsburgh 6-2 19

Elsewhere in the current (and future Big 12), Oklahoma stood pat after the Sooners’ dominant win over Texas Tech and Baylor jumped up five spots to 13 after helping turning Texas into a meme.

Iowa State fell on the road to West Virginia (and out of the ranking) making it a two-way tie between Baylor and OSU for that second spot in Arlington at the end of the year. And the Cowboys own the head-to-head tie-breaker over the Bears.

Both Houston and BYU are back in this week’s ranking coming off wins after not being ranked last week.

Cincinnati is going to make the College Football Playoff committee set a precedent on Tuesday night when the first 2021 rankings are released. I don’t know how the Bearcats can be left out of the Top 4 at 8-0. And if they do make make that group, you can’t exactly box them out if they finish the season undefeated.

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