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Softball: Cowgirls 12, Tulsa 1

OSU Bullets

Cowboy Basketball and Football are going star-hunting:
– Boynton’s squad made contact with former five-star recruit Emoni Bates who’s in the portal
– Mike Gundy had two five-star recruits on campus, has a four-star/Under Armour All-American tackle coming to campus

• Lots of good anecdotes in this article catching up with Cowboy legend R.W. McQuarters – Gundy was his lead recruiter!

• This quote from OSU defensive coordinator Derek Mason on how they’re keeping the defense the same but adding twists is super intriguing:

“…I’m having a good time because at the end of the day, we’re adding some variables that can make us very, very unique in this conference.”


Good high-level piece on the Big 12 looking at how the offenses appear to be trending differently this fall given staff changes

• Didn’t realize how snakebit Vincent Taylor’s career has been by injuries but he just signed a one-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons

An underrated aspect of Vincent Taylor’s game at OSU – his pitching capability:

• CBS Sports has Mike Boynton’s Pokes in their preseason “top 25 plus one”

• Kasey Dunn talked about coaching true freshman, four-star receiver Talyn Shettron

Non-OSU Bullets

Fun piece looking at a 15-year simulation of college football using relegation
Fun reflection on the best meals you’ve ever had
• Putting flesh on the idea of “denying yourself” (faith-based)

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Alex Storako doesn’t mind getting fired up when she’s in the circle for OU.

“I just love to be fired up in those moments. That’s why, to me personally, I’ve fallen in love with this game.”

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