Daily Bullets (Dec. 11): Most Viewed of the Week, Good News/Bad News for Fiesta Bowl

December 11, 2021

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Three Thoughts

Good news: two of Notre Dame’s top players won’t be playing in the Fiesta Bowl
Bad news: Jim Knowles is getting paid $1.9m per year and won’t be coaching in the Fiesta Bowl for OSU

• Starting with Monday night’s game against Cleveland State, the Pokes will have a chance to start working on their zone-busting

• It’s hard to figure out how to frame his place in the OSU defense Patheon, but Malcolm Rodriguez is a consensus All-American linebacker

Two Quotes

• Man what a fun concept for OSU and OU in golf moving forward.

• Cade Cunningham isn’t a third of the way through his first season with a losing club but he’s got the right mindset:

“I think the most important thing is to keep that hatred of losing,” Cunningham said after the game. “You can’t get used to it. That’s one thing, I’m not going to let losing some games allow me to change my mindset on how much I hate losing. Just that feeling of winning. 


One Question

• Who are the three best defensive players in OSU history?

I think the hard part here is “who’s the best player” vs. “who’s the best player on the best team” – I think a Kevin Williams is more the former while Malcolm Rodriguez is more of the latter

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 OSU players react to Jim Knowles leaving

• No. 2 Three potential candidates for the defensive coordinator opening

• No. 3 Five-star offensive lineman Kelvin Banks recommitted from Oregon

• No. 4 Ten Thoughts on the Big 12 title game loss

• No. 5 What the seismic shift at Oklahoma means to Oklahoma State

Non-OSU Bullets

• Where to eat BBQ in Fort Worth – looking forward to checking some of these boxes
• A great way to make friends
• Pretty solid reading list from this year (faith-based)

“Think about what you want today and you’ll spend your time.

Think about what you want in 5 years and you’ll invest your time.”

James Clear

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