Daily Bullets (Dec. 24): The Ideal Cowboy Christmas Gift from the Portal

December 24, 2021

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OSU Bullets

COVID-19 policies have been updated for the Fiesta Bowl – interesting to consider given that Texas A&M was replaced by Rutgers recently for a bowl game

Merry Christmas to the Gundys as the details of Mike’s new contract were released – a bigger buyout from OSU, big bump in 2021, and an increasing bump moving forward through the rolling deal. In all fairness, the guy earned it this year with an “A” grade

• Finding some transfer offensive linemen seems most crucial – but this position seems secondarily most important for the Pokes in the portal:

Oklahoma State did add a pair of four-star running backs — Ollie Gordon and CJ Brown — during the Early Signing Period, but could still use some extra experience in the backfield. 


• Great conversation on the Feels like 45 pod looking over the depth chart for the 2022 football seasonThe latest PFB pod is solid for your holiday travels as well – previewing the Fiesta Bowl and talking Gundy

• Malcolm Rodriguez and Devin Harper have been a delight to watch as a pairing this year

• Friendly reminder:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Stopping to adore at Christmas (faith-based)
• Ending the cycle of “never enough”

Occam’s Razor: If there are multiple explanations for why something happened and they are equally persuasive, assume the simplest one is true. In the search for truth, remove unnecessary assumptions. Trust the lowest-complexity answer. 

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Saw these guys live last weekend (v. good) and had this one stuck in my head all week:

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