Daily Bullets (Dec. 4): We’ll Cross Baylor’s Goal and Sing Oklahoma State

December 4, 2021

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OU and Texas can have the State Fair, the Pokes are taking Arlington.

Three Thoughts

• The PFB predictions for today’s championship game seem like they’re about par for the course – especially if Gerry Bohannon isn’t playing. Here’s where you can get the TV info and historical context on the matchup. These Big 12 bloggers all have the Pokes in a close one.

• Just let this statement below soak in – big things on the line in Arlington today:

If Oklahoma State wins a Big 12 title, gets into the College Football Playoff and more, there will be a new sheriff in the conference, and his name is Mike Gundy.


When you saw sack artist Trace Ford was done for the year before the season even started, did you think “it’s all good, we’ve got one of the best pass rushers in program history coming in as a freshman?” Me neither.

(Collin) Oliver’s 9.5 sacks leads all Power Five freshman nationally and leads the Cowboys, that nation’s leader in sacks. He helped push the Pokes to a program record, currently sitting at 48 on the year with at least two more games to add to that total.


Bonus thought: I hope Charlie Dickey stops by and sees these two offensive linemen (Brey Walker and Jacob Sexton) on his way home from Jerry World. It would be a blast to see OSU pick off a Sooner commit or player.

Two Quotes

• This video giggling at OU and Texas has been making the rounds and it’s delightful:

• Pretty crazy! First time to rematch someone since 1908.

One Question

• I love “would you rathers”…
win in Arlington and lose in the CFP… or win in Arlington and house a disengaged Bama team in the Sugar Bowl (See: OU in 2014)?

I get that it’s problematic to see Alabama and OSU not making it with a win but still…

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