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Softball: Cowgirls 4, Michigan 0 and LSU 10, Cowgirls 2
Baseball: Vanderbilt 3, Cowboys 0
Wrestling: Pokes 32, Bucknell 6

Three Thoughts

Cowboy Football’s season opener for the fall was moved up a couple days – but it’s a few years too late.

Can you imagine if OSU played Central Michigan early in the 2017 season? The therapeutic effect of pounding them after the 2016 shortfall would have been incredible.

• It’s wild to think that two of the five hardest players to replace next fall are linebackers but it’s totally true. Rock-solid play from that spot had to of enabled so much creativity and unpredictability.

• Not sure what was more surprising about this snapshot of Big 12 portal activitythat OSU is the only team not to land a player in the portal or that OU was graded with the worst returns in the league from it.

Something that was good to see is that other schools generally have way more coming out than in as well – just seems like the cost of doing business

Two Quotes

• What a fun picture of Eddie, Patsy, Reba and Hank, Jr.

• Wild that OSU has been in the bottom three of the league for offers extended over the last four years (Source: OKState 247)

One Question

• What is something wonderful about OSU that you rarely appreciate as much as you should?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 AJ Ferrari is done for the Season

• No. 2 OSU offered a 2023 Quarterback

• No. 3 Five Thoughts from OSU’s win over West Virginia

• No. 4 Daily Bullets from Tuesday

• No. 5 OSU fell to Iowa at the Bout at the Ballpark

Non-OSU Bullets

• What it’s like to not use the internet for three days
What a bummer – the CFP isn’t expanding and here’s some commentary on it
• This old piece by David Powlison on growing in your relationship with God is great (faith-based)

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