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Hoops: Cowboys 61, Bears 54 (RECAP)
Hoops: Cowgirls 60, Cyclones 74

OSU Bullets

• If you’ve not checked them out, here are Marshall’s Five Thoughts on the Pokes’ win at No. 1 Baylor. If you have, read them again to relive the fun. [PFB]

Bryce Thompson came of age in a career outing, leading OSU to a historic win. [The Oklahoman]

Post-game vids from Waco, including Thompson wearing a Basketball Hall of Fame t-shirt after No. 1-ing the No. 1 team in the country. [PFB]

OSU Twitter went nuts, as it should have. [PFB]

• That is something.

• RT.

• 2022 OSU running back CJ Brown as the “it” factor. [Tulsa World]

• Pretty cool gesture although I don’t know if the mashup works.

• Once a shooter, always a…

• Former OSU wrestler Jacobe Smith will look to start his MMA career 2-0 in Tulsa on Feb. 4. [PFB]

Non-OSU Bullets

The value of interesting over convenient. [Seth’s Blog]

Science can’t predict earthquakes… yet. [The Economist]

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