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WBB: K-State 60, Cowgirls 49

OSU Bullets

• Starting Cowboy safety Tanner McCalister is headed to Ohio State

• Bryce Thompson’s Kansas reunion ends with yet another home loss for OSU.

Also, this number on OSU’s winning ways in GIA was awe-inspiring:

Eddie Sutton’s final six Cowboy squads were 79-7 at Gallagher-Iba. His Final Four Cowboys of 1995 were unbeaten on their home court. Travis Ford’s first three OSU teams were 43-5 at home.


Cowboy guard Josh Sills is headed to the pros, forgoing one last year of eligibility:

• What a pickup Jaylen Warren was this year. Here’s a fun parallel concerning Jaylen Warren and Joe Randle:

Jaylen Warren saved his best season for last, running for 1,216 yards and finishing as tied for the 19th best single-season rushing total in Cowboy football history. (Joseph Randle had the same exact production back in 2011.)

[Cowboy Brew]

Five thoughts from the loss to Kansas on Tuesday night

Marshall blogged on his trip to the desert for the Fiesta Bowl

• How has this guy spent 30 years not working at GIA?

Non-OSU Bullets

• College football coaches are experiencing shorter tenures than ever – ranking the hires
• Saw the new Spider-Man this week – great analysis of it here, really enjoyed it
• What it’s like to renovate a golf course
• Making family habits (faith-based)

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