Daily Bullets (July 6): Fifth-Star for a Cowboy Target, Cowboy Makes the Top 50

July 6, 2021

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OSU Bullets

• An in-state target that Mike Boynton has been after just received his “fifth star” from a recruiting service

• See where the 2022 Cowboy Football recruiting class has settled after a wild weekend in college football (recruiting) – in the Big 12 and nationally

• PFF broke down their top 50 players in college football and a Cowboy made the list – safety Tre Sterling:

Sterling first took on a starting job in the 2019 season and immediately made his name known as one of the top cover safeties in the country. Since then, he ranks fourth among all FBS safeties in coverage grade and has racked up 14 combined pass breakups and interceptions over that span, seventh at the position in the FBS.


• Not OSU-related but I love these shots of fireworks from airplanes:

• If you’re up for a little pain this AM:

• Props to former Cowboy Jeffrey Carroll for excelling in Europe:

Non-OSU Bullets

This statement from Chris Manix terrifies me – that Presti would have taken the Celtics job
Hard to offend, easy to please (faith-based)

Pulled this great quote from a newsletter:

Nothing will change your future trajectory like your habits. While goals rely on extrinsic motivation, habits, once formed, are automatic. They literally rewire our brains.


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