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Thanks for stopping by – here’s your daily dose of Oklahoma State sports news.


Baseball: Pokes 10, Texas 8 

OSU Bullets

• The Cowboys erupted for a ten-run outburst in the seventh inning in Austin to complete the sweep of the Longhorns

This grand slam by Doersching was awe-inspiring:

• Malcolm Rodriguez in the 6th is listed as one of the steals of the draft

The Big 12’s split into divisions appears to be on hold for now as some new NCAA legislation looms to potentially eliminate the requirement for divisions to have a conference championship game:

“We were clearly focused on two divisions,” said that person familiar with the process. “We’re coming up with some different models. We were going to use these meetings to finalize what that would look like. Now, this new proposed legislation.”

[CBS Sports]

Touching profile on Cowboy tackle Caleb Etienne – these guys raising kiddos in college sounds incredibly difficult

• The quarterback room is getting awful crowded around Mason Rudolph

Big deadline yesterday – players who enter the transfer portal won’t be eligible to play in the fall:

Non-OSU Bullets

• Why Elon Musk bought Twitter
Why you should ask your elderly neighbor to watch your pets while you vacation

That time Henry Ford bought 2.5m acres of land in the Amazon and made a community:

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