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Women’s Soccer: Cowgirls vs. Iowa State was ruled a no-contest

OSU Bullets

Jaylen Warren may have come to OSU to prove another Big 12 coach (who refused to recruit him) that he’s capable at this level

• Brandon Weeden will be the Orange Power VIP on Saturday

• Berry Tramel has the Pokes over the Bears tomorrow and he has a pretty nuanced take as to how the Pokes can win:

Baylor at Oklahoma State: Cowboys 24-17. The Bears were dominated by Iowa State statistically, 479-282 in total yards. But a kickoff return for a touchdown and a long punt return that set up a field goal gave Baylor just enough to survive. Don’t let Baylor win the kicking game, and Baylor won’t win the scoreboard. 


• Pretty cool that Carson and Colby had former Cowboy receiver Josh Cooper on the PFB podcast this week

Chuba Hubbard is set to make his first NFL start this weekend against the Dallas Cowboys

I’m not sure the last time to OSU Cowboys started in the NFL at running back in the same week. Joe Randle and Chris Carson didn’t overlap. Kendall Hunter and Joe Randle didn’t quite overlap. Tatum Bell and Vernand Morency in 2006?

• Get better every day.

Non-OSU Bullets

• Remarkable trees throughout the world

• This non-profit in Baltimore is using foundation money to gentrify neighborhoods and sell to lower income families

• Two hard faith-based articles to chew on: You don’t need more self-care and another about men learning to be submissive

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