Daily Bullets (Oct. 16): Most Viewed of the Week, Cross Texas’ Goal and Sing Oklahoma State

October 16, 2021

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Here’s the viewing info for this morning’s game in Austin. I can’t express how much more I’ll miss playing Texas every year than OU. Saw ’em off.


Equestrian: No. 4 Cowgirls 10, No. 1 Auburn 9

Three Thoughts

All the pressure is on the Horns today. Seven five-star recruits (including Peyton and Eli Manning’s nephew) will be on hand for the game and they’re informally out of the Big 12 title game race if they lose.

• If you were looking for confirmation from a third party that OSU Basketball will be fine post-Cade Cunningham, I found just the pundit for you (see point No. 3) – there’s just too much talent to drop off.

OSU needs at least three quarters of good offense in this one. Loved this question in the roundtable from earlier this week:

How many points does OSU have to score in the first half to not give OSU fans high blood pressure in the second?

Kyle Boone: If OSU can just lead at halftime I’d feel weirdly confident. It is 35-5 in its last 40 games when leading at half. The magic number is probably, like, 21?


Two Quotes

• Austin is a fun place. But if you’re interested in return on your investment of talent as a player, it’s incredibly difficult to make an argument that you’ll win more games there than in Stillwater.

• Beautiful.

One Question

• Would you rather… add Cade to this basketball team or add Chelf to this football team?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Why Mike Gundy thinks Conference Realignment will happen again soon

• No. 2 Three things the Texas head coach had to say before the OSU game

• No. 3 OSU-Texas set for an early kick in Austin

• No. 4 Chuba Hubbard played well on Sunday

• No. 5 Mike Boynton noted the NCAA sanctions pending cost them a recruit

Non-OSU Bullets

• Went on vacation to New England this past week (#leafpeeping), two things I’d recommend: taking this drive and eating lobster rolls here

• Build a bridge

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