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Softball: Cowgirls 4, Wichita State 3

OSU Bullets

• Lots of OSU/Iowa State preview #content out there:
Ten things to know about the game
– Previewing and predicting OSU/Iowa State (HCS)
CRFF picks the game (and others)
– Three things Iowa State’s Matt Campbell had to say about the game
– Video of OSU players previewing the game

• This is pretty cool – a podcast is out just looking at OSU Cowboy Wrestling, Lee Cothran, a friend of PFB and former contributor is putting it on

• Recapping the Texas win from the opponent’s perspective gives light to what the Cowboys undoubtedly are this year: competitors.

After intercepting (Casey Thompson’s) pass, (Jason) Taylor sailed 85 yards down the sideline for the touchdown that cut the Longhorns’ lead to 17–10 and breathed life back into a team that UT had been having its way with. As for the Longhorns, they had no stomach for the street fight that was about to begin.

[Texas Monthly]

Kyle Cox dug into the points per drive numbers and looked at how OSU’s defense is keeping the Pokes in games

• Cowboy defender Collin Oliver made this true freshman All-American team

• I’m here for all these numbers indicating Iowa State is good in October against anybody that’s not the OSU Cowboys:

• ESPN has him listed Jim Knowles as one of the top assistants in college football

Something encouraging for those of us hopping to hold onto Jim Knowles in Stillwater – he’s an incredible coach but he’s 56 and probably won’t be up for a lot of a head coaching positions

Non-OSU Bullets

Texas Monthly ranked the 50 best BBQ joints in the state
• Bob Bowlsby is expecting the four new teams to join the Big 12 in 2023-2024 – I think they’ll be here whatever season OU and Texas are playing in the SEC
• The Bible passage that helps to be a more patient parent (faith-based)

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