Daily Bullets (Oct. 4): Daton Fix Medals at Worlds, Pokes are a Top-Fifteen Team

October 4, 2021

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OSU Bullets

Daton Fix grabbed a silver medal at the World Championships yesterday

Pokes moved up into the top 15 of the Coaches Poll after the Baylor win, top 15 appearance in the AP as well

• Take a moment and ponder the absurdity that has been the 2021 Cowboy Football season (and judge for yourself if it feels like 2015 except Rudolph-to-Washington is now a rock-solid defense)

Still, this year has been crazy. A tight game against an FCS team. A tight game against a Tulsa team that is now 1-4. A 1-point win on blue turf. Back-to-back defensive struggles to start Big 12 play.

But, like with some not-so-great stats, the record book isn’t going to remember how the wins came, just that they came. It’s the Al Davis mindset: Just win, baby.


• Take a look at all the transfers coming into Cowboy Basketball this winter

Free comment here: it just feels like every game will come down to five throws from Spencer Sanders – if he will throw four great balls (like this beauty to Rashod Owens) and only one interception, OSU wins most games.

Three picks and two dimes? Probably not great odds but worked out Saturday.

What Mike Gundy had to say in his post-game press conference after Baylor

• These highlights from Saturday were fun to watch:

• The points per drive numbers flesh out just how great this defense is compared to it’s Big 12 peers – Adam Lunt pointed out how just how good they are at not giving up points and forcing punts

Non-OSU Bullets

Instagram is adult entertainment (not like that) from NYT
• A close friend pointed out this terrific faith-based piece over the weekend – “attend to the eternities” (and not the news)

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