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Three Thoughts

Expansion is moving fast. The Big 12 presidents are expected to meet on Monday and invitations may be issued. These are the two best articles I saw yesterday if you’re looking for context:
Big 12 focused on the four – this has lots of context on “the why”
– How the process is expediting

• I’ve got it linked in “Non-OSU Bullets” but the “Requiem for the Big 12” is a tough, sentimental read for fans. This bit on OSU was terrific:

Part of the fun of being a Big 12 fan was the way schools churned out specific types. Oklahoma State wide receivers imposed their will on your defenders. Pint-sized Kansas State running backs (Darren Sproles, Deuce Vaughn) ran under their legs.

[The Ringer]

• This was sort of a deep cut but wild to see these Pokes (and Colin Clay) weren’t included on OSU’s two-deep:

Guys like sophomore defensive end Isreal Isuman-Hundley, junior linebacker Lamont Bishop, junior wide receiver Jonathan Shepherd and sophomore defensive tackle Collin Clay who got meaningful reps in the Cowboys’ spring game, but for whatever reason didn’t crack the rotation.


Two Quotes

• This was pretty interesting – Eli Lederman at the Tulsa World asked Brandon Weeden if he’d ever be interested in coaching and here was his response:

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t close the door on it. I’ve been away from the family for so long when I was playing, so it’s nice to be home. It would have to be the perfect opportunity. If Gundy called me and asked me to come coach I’d have to think really long and hard about it…”


• As you watch Brennan Presley out there today, please don’t lose the image from Mike Gundy calling him a “rubber ball”:

“He’s kind of like a little rubber ball, you know those balls that we had when I was a kid, he just kind of bounces off things. I’m glad he’s on our football team, but he loves to play. He likes to compete. He wants to be on the field,” Gundy said.


One Question

• If OSU joined the Pac-12 or stayed in the Big 12, which league would they win more titles in over the next ten years?

Most Viewed of the Week

• No. 1 Big 12 expansion seems more inevitable than ever

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• No. 3 Big 12 teams are committed to staying together… for now

• No. 4 Report: Big 12 considering adding BYU in expansion

• No. 5 Three things Bobby Petrino had to say ahead of the OSU game

Non-OSU Bullets

• A requiem for the Big 12
• God scares me to death (faith-based)

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