Daily Bullets (Sept. 9): New Applicants to the Big 12, Tulsa Details Released

September 9, 2021

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OSU Bullets

The Big 12 Presidents are set to “rubber stamp” the four new teams on Friday – Cincinnati, BYU, UCF, and Houston formally submitted membership applications to the Big 12 yesterday

Details (TV, kick time, etc) around Saturday’s Tulsa game were released yesterday – strengths and weaknesses of TU here

• Terrific insight here on the offensive situation OSU faced on Saturdayread the piece for more.

Shane Illingworth can’t run the option and without Logan Carter the Cowboys were better off playing with four wideouts, so that left throwing the ball or else running into numbers.


Solid expansion details here on the three teams the Big 12 is looking at and when they can leave

• Pretty forward facing comment here but the success of a new Big 12 would really depend on a current (or new) member ascending into football’s ruling class – via recruiting and winning.

You’d expect some level of recruiting improvement from the new four schools, but not that kind of improvement. The Big 12 would absolutely need TCU, West Virginia and Oklahoma State to sign better athletes.

[Extra Points]

• Brennan Presley and others previewed the Tulsa game yesterday – Also, Presley was quoted feeling exactly like you or I would be as OSU’s primary return man

Mike Gundy voiced approval of adding the four teams

Non-OSU Bullets

• A billionaire is planning on building a sustainable dessert city by 2030
How friendships change over time in adulthood
• Enjoyed/was challenged by this book on leading your family (faith-based)

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