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LeBron James is in Oklahoma City with his retooled Cleveland Cavaliers (33-22) to battle the Oklahoma City Thunder (32-25) tonight at 7 p.m. on TNT inside Chesapeake Energy Arena. The Cavs star was asked during shoot around about Oklahoma phenom freshman Trae Young’s impending decision on the NBA Draft.

James’ response to OKC’s Fox 25’s Myron Patton was both comedic and yet revealing.

The three-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP responded by saying, “What decision? That ain’t no decision. That’s like saying am I waking up this morning, brushing my teeth? He better go pro.”

Then, LeBron served up this media gold when asked what the biggest adjustment will be for Young if he decides to go pro.

“How much money he going to spend monthly, how much he going to save. That’s the only adjustment he got to worry about,” James said.

James has been outspoken about Young in the past, calling him a “special player” back in January. LeBron is familiar with Trae from time spent at James’ camps.

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