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This is a place for Sooner fans to bask in Longhorn misery.

After a day like today, it’s always fun to look back on the countless wonders that humanity provides us with fan reactions in live-time as the Oklahoma Sooners came back from a 28-7 deficit spurred by Lincoln Riley replacing Spencer Rattler with Caleb Williams, who led the Sooners to a 55-48 victory. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Texas fans (via the message boards on Burnt Orange Nation and Horns247) as they watched their Texas Longhorns lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners. LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)

  • It’s 9:24 am and ou Sucks!!
  • Career day for Casey, he was born for this. Good luck CT11, Hook Em!
  • Not a bad start.
  • WOW! Worthy 75 yd TD! 1st play!
  • Holy cow…only in my dreams…..never seen that before
  • Blocked punt, ball on the 3!
  • Offense, Defense, AND Special Teams?
  • Bijan TD, we are off to a fantastic start! 14-0 after a few minutes.!
  • Don’t let Up
  • ALL GAS, NO BRAKES!! yes, I’m
  • this cant be real, BUT if its a dream dont wake me up
  • PICK BJ!
  • Thank you Spencer!
  • I have seen plays from Texas that no OC has ever called before….this aint your your traditional UT offensive scheme
  • More Gas
  • Everyone prepared for Bijan, but….surprise!
  • crap.
  • WTH? Big baller busts through the line and is gone
  • Come on Texas , keep your composure….
  • Triple pass… Riley is desperate
  • They’re bringing in Caleb. Get some pressure on the rookie
  • Casey to Wylie TD!
  • that will be on his Heisman reel…
  • All Gas!
  • Texas defense looks like its either Glory or bust…
  • Need to run out the half. Points would be huge but can’t let OU get the ball back this half. Defense a little banged up and gassed.
  • D will win or lose this second half.
  • Thank goodness we have an eighteen point lead.
  • Dream finish: Horns complete the victory by steamrolling the sooners, CDC joins Sark in the post game pc to announce we will be joining the SEC next season.
  • The Texas D has missed a lot on Brooks in the backfield.
  • letting off the gas
  • We need to answer here. Score a TD and I think the game might be over.
  • OMG run, run, run and then steal the ball and TURNOVER!. Stick a fork in OU. Edit. He’s down. OU back in the game.
  • They’ll be saved by the refs again. Also wrap up his legs!
  • Can we hold them to a FG again?
  • Put Rattler back in
  • OU TD, foot still on the gas now.
  • You can tell Marvin Mims played baseball.
  • Still no flags for the land thieves
  • We’re the better team we can’t implode. We can’t run out the clock. We have to score again.
  • I need another beer. Red zone OU
  • Texas seems to be doing everything they can to keep OU in the game
  • Wow, these boys choking hard right now.
  • CT didnt miss a throw earlier, now he seems like he cant hit the broad side of the barn, its like they are playing to not lose
  • OU TD. Holy F**k.
  • Tied at 41. New game with 7:25.
  • Texas still doesn’t know how to finish. Brake pads are worn to dust
  • What kind of trickeration do we use?
  • OU just knows how to win. Horns need to learn.
  • I’m out
  • Fumble. We are going down. Now our turn to come from behind.
  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse
  • Oline getting whipped
  • Well. This is the biggest UT choke job I’ve seen in some time
  • We are shitting down our leg. OL is going to cost us the game
  • unbelievable
  • Went from a dream finish to a nightmare pretty quick.
  • Worthy redemption!
  • I’m exhausted
  • Lol it was 28-7 at one point.
  • This has to be the dumbest group of players I have ever seen. Their football IQ is that of a doorknob. One dumb mistake after another
  • They are not going to let Bijan beat them. Thompson has to win this game.
  • Too many yards given up on this drive. Brkic is good from here.
  • 10 seconds, field goal range.
  • Welp you think any of the 5 stars coming after this embarrassment?
  • Is Herman still coaching for Texas? Looked a lot like it today.
  • God wants us to lose
  • I just don’t have any words.
  • I have plenty of the four letter variety.
  • Why under five different head coaches so we always find a way to make bone head mistakes over and over.
  • Riley>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Sarkisian
  • Stoops>>>>>>>>>>>>Brown
  • What the ***** is new
  • Time to make this freshman QB look like a Freshman
  • Damn Brkic gone make the kick
  • Gotta hope for another bad snap at this point.
  • Hope we block it and run it back for a TD!
  • JFC
  • Pain
  • Just rename Bevo to ‘Sisyphus’.
  • Worst gut wrencher OU loss ever? 3 seconds…
  • Kennedy Brooks: 25 carries, 217 yards and 2 TDs. This plus all the long throws where our DBs were lost. OU 662 total yards
  • Now you can unleash all your hate on your team. Go for it.
  • Season is over. ******** angels in the outfield over there. God hates us.
  • Lol, at least we get best dressed trophy
  • Riley owns us.
  • Casey Thompson is Caleb Williams lite
  • That hurt. A lot. A whole lot
  • Casey Thompson couldn’t hold Williams water bottle.
  • What a pos defense. We are ******** OU’s ******
  • I want to puke
  • Volleyball thursday & Softball tomorrow
  • I’m gonna drink until all I remember is how good Bijan and X are
  • 21 pt blown lead is the largest blown lead in program HISTORY. Yes. This is the worst loss
  • Lol, ok bro. You ever watch the loss to Kansas?
  • OU walks into this game knowing they can win. Texas walks in hoping they can win. Until that changes this will remain lopsided.

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