Message Board Meltdown: The Agony of Texas is Upon You

October 10, 2020

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This is a place for Sooner fans to bask in Longhorn misery.

After a day like today, it’s always fun to look back on the countless wonders that humanity provides us with fan reactions in real time as Sam Ehlinger ’s errors crushed the dreams of Longhorns Longhorns. What awaits you below the dividing line in this post are some of the best reactions of Texas fans (via the message boards on Burnt Orange Nation and Horns247 ) as they watched their Texas Longhorns lose to Lincoln Riley and the Oklahoma Sooners . LET’S GET IT. (Note: Spelling errors are theirs, not ours)



Hi I am Tom Herman

I do the same thing every time and expect the results to be different.

Dont start the RB who lost you the fucking game by fumbling!!!

You have to fucking kidding

Boo fucking hiss on this offense.

OU is awful, but at least they have good coaches.

Their coaches are SO MUCH smarter than ours.

MACK brown 35 virginia tech 14. punter gave up the two ou touchdowns


1. Herman out of the half is suspect at best.

2. OU is the rebuilding team. Texas should be about there. Tied at half?

3. While the O Line isn’t protecting Sam great, the game plan, different than O line protection, is to protect our Sr QB. And it’s just time to get over that and turn him loose.

No fucking discipline. Get your shit together Herman

Unnecessary roughness on our punter. You can’t make this up.

Sam is definitely shitting the bed

Need a miracle

Doesn’t matter. This team ain’t coming back.

Gus Johnson just had a stroke on air

Herman for president.

We never had a doubt


About time we got away with a hold.

Need a take away.

oh well

sweet Jesus, how is this possible?

I hate this game lol


Why can’t we throw the ball downfield?

Bad Sam has returned



PLEASE UT…… Tom Herman and bring a coach to this University who knows how to prepare a team and WIN. Find a coach who knows how to put the best QB on the field. We will need that next year.

Tom Herman press conference summed up:

I don’t know why we suck so bad. I have to figure that out.

Tom, you’re fired.

Fire Herman. None of that had to do with him.

And Rattler is only going to get better

Hard to run when the officials consistently want to review every positive play you make

Tom Herman has a Lincoln Riley problem.

Texas has a Tom Herman problem.

Fuck moral victories.

You don’t win championships with “almost winning”

Tired of this shit

Tired of being OU’s little brother. And TCU’s baby brother. As fans we have to deal with this for a year again, but at least our coaches, BMDs and administration have $$ to console them. Tell me…why did we hire Del Conte again? It’s like we have no freaking pride at all on the field, nor on the basketball court either for that matter.

i’m tired of rooting for losers.

terrible play calling. Constant losing to “inferior” teams…Fact, this team is bad.

I rather win and lose by Sam any day but today he lost it for us. Maybe next year……oh wait

I am tired of being the GOONERS BITCH.

Some Social Media posts from Saturday’s Victory:

The river runs red.

Final score: Oklahoma 53, Texas 45 (4OT)#OUDNA

— Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football) October 10, 2020

Recap of

— Unnecessary Roughness (@UnnecRoughness) October 10, 2020

A at the Cotton Bowl #OUDNA

Highlights delivered by @UPS

— Oklahoma Football (@OU_Football) October 10, 2020


— Dari Nowkhah (@ESPNDari) October 10, 2020

Also, what a brutal way for this game for Sam Ehlinger. He was brilliant at times today.

Stood at the 24-yard-line for a minute after just staring into nothing. Lincoln Riley was the first one over to come and hug him.

— Chris Hummer (@chris_hummer) October 10, 2020

What a freaking day by the OU defense. Tackling, coverage, pressure, they did it all.

— Tyler McComas (@Tyler_McComas) October 10, 2020

My blood pressure ain’t no joke rn

— Ronnie Perkins™ (@7avageszn) October 10, 2020


— Ronnie Perkins™ (@7avageszn) October 10, 2020

Been waiting 22 years to do this. What a game. Love this team, can’t wait to see where we go. And oh yeah, that rivers still running red. #Boomer

— Creed Humphrey (@creed_humphrey) October 10, 2020

Herman on his feelings about Ehlinger: “Crushed. Absolutely crushed. That we as a family didn’t do enough collectively for him to finish his career against these guys the way that he deserved to. I feel like we all let him down.”

— Brian Davis (@BDavisAAS) October 10, 2020

Who’s with us? Let’s GO! #OUDNA #Beattexas


— Coach Drew Hill (@OU_CoachHill) October 10, 2020

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There’s nothing else like it. #BeatTexas

A post shared by Oklahoma Football (@ou_football) on Oct 10, 2020 at 2:33pm PDT

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Earned it. #BeatTexas

A post shared by Oklahoma Football (@ou_football) on Oct 10, 2020 at 1:55pm PDT

Drake Stoops podium game.

— Joe Buettner (@ByJoeBuettner) October 10, 2020

Spencer Rattler threw a 25-yard scoring pass to Drake Stoops in the fourth overtime and Oklahoma survived a late rally from No. 22 Texas in regulation for a 53-45 victory.@apschuyler >>

— AP Top 25 (@AP_Top25) October 10, 2020

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