Mike Gundy Again Says His 2011 OSU Team Would Have Beat LSU in BCS Championship

September 28, 2021

OSU will on Saturday welcome back its 2011 football team that won the Big 12 championship and ousted Stanford in the Fiesta Bowl, and for Mike Gundy, that brings back a bit of nostalgia.

At his weekly radio show on Monday, Gundy, talking about the 2011 team that is returning this weekend, said (not for the first time!) that he believes that team — had it gotten a chance — would have defeated LSU and won the BCS Championship.

“I still think we were the best team in the country,” he said. “We would have played, I guess, LSU. At that time LSU was scoring maybe 20 points a game and was happy with it. There’s not anyone that could have kept us from scoring 25 or 30 points. I just don’t see it happening.”

This isn’t some new stance Gundy has, either. In 2019 he was even more bold with his prediction, telling ESPN in an interview much more bluntly how things would have gone down.

“We would have played LSU and won,” Gundy told ESPN.

“They were an overload-the-box, man-to-man team on defense, and you could not play our team in man that year,” he added. “We were too good. That still bothers me, that we didn’t get a shot. And if the system was set up like it is now, we would have been in the playoff. I guess those things don’t drive me as much. I love for our kids to have success, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t dwell on it like I used to.”

The hardest thing here is that Gundy is … totally right. It’s tough to hear because it’s true. That OSU team just had it, you know? Outside of the Iowa State game it felt like they played better than everyone on the schedule in part because they knew there were better than everyone on the schedule. Some real White Goodman vibes.

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“[The 2011 team] is a once-in-every-so-often opportunity with a team and the players,” Gundy said Monday. “It’s awesome they’re bringing them back [this weekend].”

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