Mike Gundy Says Refs Admitted They Botched Penalty Call on Brock Martin

September 21, 2021

Mike Gundy was beside himself on Saturday after veteran edge rusher Brock Martin, with just over three minutes left to play in the fourth quarter and OSU up 21-20, was penalized for roughing the passer.

And he wasn’t upset at Martin.

Gundy spent the following moments arguing and begging for an explanation about the call, clearly furious at the officials for making the call. Martin got to the quarterback and got a clean hit that would have backed Boise State up for a second-and-long. The call made no sense, and even in real-time it’s hard to see what they made the call based on:

Gundy on Monday at his weekly press conference was asked about the play and whether he was given an explanation about it, and he had a brief, but pointed, answer.

“They missed the call,” he said.

Asked what he would tell a defender when they make a big play but are penalized for it, he added: “Bad breaks and crooked refs.”

He further commented about it on Monday night during his weekly radio appearance, saying again that the officials missed the call — and he knows it because they admitted as much.

“They said they made a mistake [on the Brock Martin penalty],” said Gundy. “I understand people make a mistake, but if that type of penalty is called that late in the game, it has got to be 100% for sure. That’s not a bang-bang. That’s a call that’s rare and hard to make. If there’s any doubt, in my opinion, you can’t make that call.” 

Gundy’s right, too. That wasn’t a bang-bang play where you have to make a judgement call. It was just … wrong. And with OSU up 21-20 with three minutes left to play, it could seriously have cost OSU the game. Instead of backing Boise up for a second-and-long, it gave them the ball as they were marching and allowed them to work into position for a potential go-ahead field goal.

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