No Small Matter

June 19, 2018

INSURICA Express Provides Innovative Insurance to Small Businesses in Norman

by Kaylee Campbell

INSURICA Express is on a mission to make life easier for small businesses in Norman.

“I love asking, ‘why do you do it that way?’” said Seth Markum, executive vice president of INSURICA Express and president of Commercial “If you don’t challenge the current way of thinking, evolution will not occur.”

And that’s exactly what INSURICA Express is all about — evolving traditional insurance practices to best serve small businesses, using 21st century conveniences that are still lacking in the traditional insurance market.

The INSURICA Express platform is always evolving. It now provides small-business owners with fast service through a specialized account team, as well as through electronic communication and transactions, using email and e-signature. In the near future, the company plans to add a payment portal to the platform’s functionality to making paying premiums even easier and faster.

Moreover, the platform gives Norman small-business owners a seat at the larger insurance table, providing them access to insurance products they may not have had in the past with traditional brokers.

“Time is the only commodity we can’t make any more of,” Markum said. “We offer a pointed, concise method to get your insurance done.”

So, why small business?

The company chose to serve small businesses over the big fish because they believe that small businesses are the backbone of America and the foundation of local communities like Norman.

With a team of 54, this Norman outfit was started in 2010 by Markum and his business partner, Mark McClure, CEO of Commercial Both are insurance outsiders who believe in the power of making life easier for small-business owners.

Five years later, Oklahoma City based INSURICA took notice and partnered with the rapidly growing group as a minority partner investor, providing support to quickly revolutionize the way small businesses shop for and manage their insurance.

“The first gen was not what it is today,” Markum said. “There has been a constant evolution to the platform. INSURICA was the right partner at the right time.”

While Markum and McClure may have begun as outsiders in the insurance game, they chose Norman as their company’s home with great purpose. McClure, an OU alumnus, was familiar with Norman and he knew that the community has a quality workforce to draw from.

“My favorite thing about Norman is the energy,” Markum said. “We started out on campus corner and we kind of had that weird youthful energy. It’s infectious, and it just keeps you believing in what you’re doing. Norman has its own vibe and its very different than the rest of the state.”

“Oklahoma is a great place to be. It is a fertile environment,” he said. “Norman is centrally located and has access to the metro. A lot of people who move here to go to college here don’t leave.”

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