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In an effort to make it easier for fans, students and the community to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Oklahoma State announced on Thursday that it will host vaccine clinics before all home football games this fall. The first clinic is scheduled to open at noon Saturday and go until 4 p.m. at the northwest corner of Boone Pickens Stadium by Hall of Fame Avenue.

Two vaccines will be available in the clinics: the Johnson & Johnson vector vaccine that requires only one shot and the Moderna mRNA vaccine that requires two doses. To get vaccinated fans need only to bring a health insurance card (though there is no expense for the shot).

“Fans will need to get their shot before getting into their gameday vibe, though, as immunizations may not be given to individuals with alcohol in their system,” OSU said in a press release.

OSU’s season starts at 6 p.m. Saturday against Missouri State.

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