Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC Alliance Will Reportedly be Announced on Tuesday

August 24, 2021

The much-discussed alliance between the Pac-12, Big Ten and ACC will be formally announced on Tuesday, according to reports Tuesday morning from CBS Sports and The Athletic. The formation of the alliance will bind the three leagues together into a new era of college athletics.

Among the topics the three leagues will work together on include expansion of the College Football Playoff, scheduling, and other NCAA governance issues, with the three conferences combined giving them voting powers to block the SEC on major topics. The move is seen as a direct response to the SEC’s stunning power play this offseason of adding Oklahoma and Texas to its ranks from the Big 12.

The Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 are expected to formally announce their long-awaited alliance on Tuesday afternoon, sources close to the situation tell CBS Sports. The agreement between the three conferences will focus on NCAA governance and college football scheduling, but the leagues also plan to get on the same page regarding future College Football Playoff expansion.

[CBS Sports]

While the alliance between the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 is seen as a direct response to the SEC and orchestrated all by relatively new-on-the-job commissioners, it still remains to be seen if it will turn out to be a good or bad thing for OSU and the remaining Big 12 teams. It’s possible the alliance is the only measure the leagues will take but expansion — at least for the Pac-12 — is still actively being considered, with a decision expected on that front in the coming weeks. If the Pac-12 does indeed opt to expand, it would launch into an exploratory phase, with OSU potentially being one of the first considerations.

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