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STILLWATER — The Cowboy offensive line was on the sideline in Manhattan last season scheming a drive in which they would have to score.

Kansas State was driving at Oklahoma State’s 21-yard line with about seven minutes to play, closing in on taking a lead. But then OSU O-lineman Josh Sills heard the crowd at Bill Snyder Family Stadium roar in terror. Sills looked up to see OSU safety Jason Taylor streaming down the sideline toward the end zone for a score that would boost the Cowboys’ lead to 8.

“People just went nuts,” Sills said Tuesday. “I remember I looked up the board and I was like, ‘Holy sh–, he’s gonna score.’ At that point, I didn’t really know what had happened. I just saw him running down the field, and as Brock (Martin) said, there’s nobody going to catch him from behind. When they finally replayed it, we all went nuts because we was able to see what actually happened.”

That effort against Kansas State was the start of a string of plays Taylor made with the opportunities he was given. Taylor has played in a backup role most of his career, but with Tre Sterling out for the season, Taylor has stepped up as a starter these past two weeks and continued his play-making ways.

In Boise last Saturday, Taylor got his hand on a would-be game-winning field goal.

It’s as if the football finds him.

Two games after his K-State fumble return, Texas Tech tried for a surprise on-side kick out of halftime. The ball hopped right into Taylor’s waiting arms, and he ran it back for another touchdown.

He was a defensive holding call away from his third career touchdown against Tulsa this season when he picked off a first-quarter pass and ran it back. Then he again got his hand (or at least three fingers) on the ball in Boise.

Taylor said there isn’t some grand scheme behind his playmaking. He said it’s just him playing football like he did when he was a kid in his backyard.

“Feeling the flow of the game, I feel like that’s football,” Taylor said. “If you play football, instead of worrying about the Xs and Os, just play football, you’ll find the ball.

“I feel like since I’ve played football, that’s just how it’s been. I try to just play. It’s a game. You gotta remember it’s a game. You can’t get too caught up in the things outside of it. You gotta remember, even though it’s college-level and it’s big-time football, it’s a game. Go out there and have fun.”

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