Ride Away: CycleBar Indoor Cycling Boutique to Offer Brief Escape

April 17, 2019

It’s like going to a movie theater, except a lot healthier, said Rhonda Jeffery, general manager of CycleBar, a new fitness facility opening this May at 1942 24th Ave. NW in Norman.

Forget the popcorn, the soft drink and the candy bar. Just climb on a bike and start rocking with lively instructors amid premium amenities. Each class offers an escape from everyday life, she said. Just like a movie.

“Imagine yourself walking into a movie theater; except replace those premium seats with premium indoor cycling bikes,” Jeffery said. “Your instructor is going to lead you through your own story for that day. You will ride to the rhythm of the music, and you will let yourself get lost in your own type of challenge.”

During a CycleBar class, the instructor and environment allow a participant to disengage from everyday life and focus on self-improvement, an aspect that Jeffery said drew her to the organization. She said she got involved with CycleBar to help people reach their fullest potential.

“I am very passionate about the health industry and helping to serve others,” Jeffery said. “I just want to show people how phenomenal they are. It’s that simple.”

One of the benefits of having a membership with a boutique workout facility like CycleBar is being a part of a community and Jeffery describes the tight-knit community as an added perk of joining.

“CycleBar will be holding events for members to get to know each other and create a community of riders,” she said. “They are planning on having wine Wednesdays, happy-hour Fridays and brunch on Sundays.”

Pat Fitzgerald, the owner of CycleBar, sees opportunity for the franchise to cultivate community while giving back through charity rides.

“We like [CycleBar] because it built the person and increased the community,” Fitzgerald said. “If we continue to do this right, we will become a fabric and a fiber of the community.”

CycleBar plans to hold events for nonprofit organizations and causes across southern Oklahoma, and proceeds from the rides will go to those organizations while also providing awareness.

Although CycleBar is all about community, there is an individualized focus for members.

“It’s about the individual first and then about the community second,” Fitzgerald said. “The individual has to feel like they got something out of it to build the community.”

The indoor cycling facility offers a concierge level of service with each visit.

“You’re a name. You’re not a number,” Fitzgerald said. “You’ll feel the energy, but you’ll also begin to feel peace. This is your 45 minutes to peel away from everything else you have going on and focus on yourself.”

Right now, CycleBar is offering a founder’s membership pricing of $99 a month for unlimited rides. This rate will remain fixed for founding members as long as the account remains active, However, once this special offer ends, the regular membership price will be $169 a month.

To learn more about CycleBar, visit norman.cyclebar.com or call 593-3001. – BSM