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Dennis Schroder and P.J. Tucker were ejected in the third quarter of the Houston Rockets’ 114-80 win over the Oklahoma City in game 5.

The Rockets took a 3-2 lead in the series.

The incident began with Schroder hitting Tucker during what was eventually deemed an illegal screen. Tucker would then headbutt the back of Schroder’s head.

Schroder was given a Flagrant 2, while Tucker was called for a dead-ball technical foul with an ejection.

NBA security questioned Tucker after the game, according to sources.

The Rockets were upset that the league did not investigate Chris Paul’s shot against Ben McLemore’s groin in game 3.

The team also reportedly wants the league to investigate Schroder’s shot against Tucker.

“First thing was, it was obviously an illegal screen. And it was kind of a bang-bang play. P.J. obviously after the play was over kind of head-butted Dennis, so they certainly had to eject him, and I didn’t know if they felt like they needed to eject Dennis because they ejected P.J. But it was a very quick, aggressive play, and I understand with P.J. getting thrown out maybe they felt like Dennis needed to be thrown out,” said Billy Donovan after the game.

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