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STILLWATER — Based on myriad metrics, this 2022 class is perhaps Mike Gundy’s best ever.

The early signing period lasts until the end of Friday, but Oklahoma State’s class ranks 25th nationally as of writing. Mike Gundy spoke about his signees Wednesday. Here are some takeaways from what he had to say.

Ollie Gordon Is Going to Be How Big?

OSU beat out the likes of Texas and Arkansas for Ollie Gordon’s signature Wednesday, and those who have watched Gordon closely have raved about his future.

Mike Gundy said Wednesday that Gordon’s future likely involves 20 more pounds of muscle. Already a towering tailback, Gordon measured in at 6-foot-3, 210 pounds in OSU’s release, but Gundy said after some time in the Glass Factory, Gordon will be at 230.

“You’ve got a powerful guy, that’s going to be — Ollie (Gordon) is going to be at 230 some day, would be my guess,” Gundy said. “He was 208 last week. Once he starts training and eating, I want to guess he’ll play at 230.”

It would look something like Trace Ford taking handoffs. Ford is listed at 6-3, 240.

For reference, Dezmon Jackson is the Cowboys’ heaviest running back right now at 220 pounds (at 5-11). Jaylen Warren is 215, LD Brown is 200 and Dominic Richardson is 210. Richardson is the tallest at 6-0.

OSU fans will remember former Cowboy running back Desmond Roland, who was on the taller side. Roland was listed at 6-2, 210, 20 pounds lighter than where Gundy expects Gordon to get to.

Epps Brings Gilbert-like Frame

Speaking of size, Cameron Epps will bring some to the OSU defense.

OSU listed Epps, a corner, at 6-3, 194 in its release. That would make him the tallest corner on the Cowboys’ current roster, and he certainly wouldn’t be the lightest either. Gundy had a fun comp for Epps on Wednesday: Justin Gilbert.

“Looks like Justin Gilbert body-wise,” Gundy said. “When I was up there at St. Louis Chaminade a week ago, that’s a heck of a school, too now. Pretty cool, 150-year old school that I’d never have been there, but that’s a heck of an operation. Anyway, Justin Gilbert-looking body – little taller. I think that he might be 210 in 18 months, really. I think he’s got a lot of growth. Real rangy, very athletic.”

A former Top 10 NFL Draft pick, Gilbert was listed at 6-1, 202 pounds going into the NFL Draft. But it wasn’t just size that Gundy was comparing. Gilbert did it all for Huntsville High School in his senior season, playing defense and quarterback. That’s was Epps did for St. Louis Chaminade this year.

Despite being a four-star corner on some services, Epps played a running QB role for Chaminade, going for 36 total touchdowns and 1,852 rushing yards.

Younger Presley Listed at Receiver

Braylin Presley played running back at state power Bixby High School, but he’ll man a similar role to his brother at the next level.

Presley was listed as a receiver on OSU’s release, listed at 5-8, 165 pounds.

“He’ll be a slot,” Gundy said. “He’s a slot receiver. He gets quick passes. You dump it to him, throw it in the flat, throw it to him right now, he’ll catch it, you got to come catch him, tackle him in space. That’s what his role will be, punt return, kick return.”

Across the past three seasons, Presley has rushed for 4,235 yards and 63 touchdowns with the Spartans, but he is no slouch in the passing game. He also accounted for 1,613 receiving yards and 23 scores. An absolute electric factory.

Brennan Presley, Braylin’s older brother, adjusted quickly to the college game, having 482 receiving yards and seven total touchdowns in his sophomore season. The Presleys could turn into a shorter but shiftier version of the Woods brothers.

“[Braylin is the] same type of player [to Brennan], more right to left, tougher to two below in a phone booth, would be my guess,” Gundy said. “I don’t know who’s faster, I mean, they argue over it all the time. We’ll race them this summer, we’ll find out who’s faster.”

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