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West Virginia v Oklahoma
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Oklahoma continues to look unimpressive offensively.

After squeaking out another victory over a big underdog, the Oklahoma Sooners have fallen two spots in this week’s AP Poll. This poll, of course, does not matter, but it serves as a placeholder for national perception until the College Football Playoff rankings begin to drop.

1. Alabama (58)

2. Georgia (4)

3. Oregon

4. Penn State

5. Iowa

6. Oklahoma

7. Cincinnati

8. Arkansas

9. Notre Dame

10. Florida

11. Ohio State

12. Ole Miss

13. BYU

14. Michigan

15. Texas A&M

16. Coastal Carolina

17. Michigan State

18. Fresno State

19. Oklahoma State

20. UCLA

21. Baylor

22. Auburn

23. North Carolina State

24. Wake Forest

25. Clemson

A few quick notes:

  • OU fell two spots, with Penn State and Iowa surpassing them. I don’t think anyone has an issue with the Sooners falling a couple of spots, but Iowa has been sleepwalking these past two weeks with ho-hum performances against Kent State and Colorado State. There are probably some more deserving candidates for that spot.
  • If anything, OU should have been surpassed by Arkansas, which is a team that appears to be up for any challenge it faces and has been playing with its hair on fire. I’m not sure how anyone could dislike Sam Pittman. The Grove, Okla. native is an American treasure.
  • Two in, two out for the Big 12. Iowa State is gone after a loss to Baylor (WOOF, did you see that two-point attempt?), and the Bears are in at No. 21. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State makes its first appearance at No. 19 after taking out then-No. 25 Kansas State. Texas is currently No. 26 and will likely end up being OU’s first top-25 opponent of the season. After that, OU probably won’t face another ranked team until mid-to-late November.
  • The ACC is TERRRRRRIBLE! Honestly, it’s been hot garbage for a while, but Clemson’s accomplishments have kind of masked the conference’s overall ineptitude up until now. Wake Forest probably has the best team in 2021, which should never be the case.
  • Alabama and Georgia look great. As for pretty much everybody else, it appears to be a mystery. Oregon has a great win on its resume but struggled with Arizona for much of the evening. OU has a bad offensive line (for now, at least). Notre Dame had a big fourth quarter against Wisconsin but has looked very ‘meh’ otherwise. Penn State should have lost to Wisconsin, and its win over Auburn doesn’t look as impressive after the Tigers barely beat Georgia State yesterday. It seems like everyone is just trying to find their footing at this point, which makes me feel slightly better about the Sooners.
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