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STILLWATER — Dominic Richardson has been tabbed as a violent runner, but he seemed extra violent on Saturday.

In Oklahoma State’s 63-17 victory against TCU, Richardson had 12 carries for 134 yards and two scores. He also left an army of Horned Frogs picking themselves off the Boone Pickens Stadium turf, and there was reason for it.

Richardson signed with TCU out of Bishop McGuinness High School as part of the 2020 recruiting class. According to The Oklahoman‘s Jacob Unruh, TCU coaches told Richardson he would be the only running back the Horned Frogs would take in that class. TCU went on to add two more, and Richardson heard about it through social media.

“It was real personal,” Richardson said of Saturday’s game. “Like I said, I was fired up going out there. I was just determined. I was locked in. It was like tunnel vision, just wanted to dominate when I was out there. I got the opportunity to do that since my line blocked their butt off. Couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.

“… Just because it was TCU, I just wanted to put that punishment on them and just keep on going forward and get what I can get.”

Richardson averaged 11.2 yards per carry in what was his first game against TCU, ripping off runs of 28 yards, 18 yards, 27 yards and 20 yards. He is only a sophomore, meaning he still has a few more shots at the Horned Frogs.

But again, it’s not like Richardson changed his running style. OSU coach Mike Gundy noted Richardson looks for contact no matter the foe.

“With Dom, if he gets through the interior and you’re a second-level guy coming to tackle him, you better buckle up,” Gundy said. “It is what it is. I don’t think that’s a secret, just calling it like it is. I would prefer that he sometimes go away from the other guy. He runs at the other guy on purpose, but that’s who he is. That’s what he likes to do.”

Part of a deep and talented backfield, Richardson is up to 50 carries on the season and has 292 yards and three touchdowns to show for it. His 5.8 yards a carry is best among Cowboys with at least 15 attempts.

He is sharing the workload with Jaylen Warren and Dezmon Jackson, who are both redshirt seniors. So soon, Richardson will be the featured back for the Cowboys, and it all came after TCU fumbled him away.

“I don’t have that much to say about the TCU situation,” Richardson said. “It’s something that just happened. A door closed, another one opened.”

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