The Best and the Worst from Oklahoma State’s Loss to Iowa State

October 24, 2021

The Cowboys got their first taste of defeat in their seventh game. While the aftertaste is bitter, there was both good and bad to come out of OSU’s loss to Iowa State.

Let’s take a look at the best and the worst from the defeat, starting on a high note.

Best Catch: Brennan Presley’s Second TD

There’s no way this man is 5-foot-8.

Brennan Presley wowed even the Cyclone crowd by climbing the ladder in the end zone over a pair of DBs, one of which was 5-10 and the other was 6-foot.

Before the trip to Ames, Presley had been somewhat quiet compared to the buzz he was receiving this offseason, but on Saturday he showed off his star potential, hauling in a career-high six catches and season highs in yards (84) and scores (two). Let’s hope OSU continues to get the ball in his hands.

Worst Spot: Late Fourth-Down Call

Add another “What If in Ames” to Cowboy lore.

The more I think about this play, the worse it bugs me. I’m not really that upset about a ref making a questionable spot in real time, and I can buy that — based on what FOX showed — there was a lack of video evidence necessary to overturn the on-field call.

It’s just ridiculous that in college football in 2021, there is not a more accurate factor for determining ball placement, at least during a review. Put a chip in the ball. Buy three more cameras. I don’t care. Just figure it out.

Best Stop: Obligatory Malcolm Rodriguez Highlight

There have been countless plays like this by the Cowboys defensive leader during his career, but the never wane in their beauty.

OSU’s defense did a decent job of bottling Breece Hall for most of the game. It was not a perfect outing from Jim Knowles’ group but they made plenty of big plays — and frankly, did enough to secure a win on the road.

Worst Whistle: TD Called Back

It may provide small consolation, but the iffy calls by #Big12Refs went against both teams.

In fact, this wasn’t iffy. It was egregious.

Compared to what virtually every other college football player does in the country, on any given Saturday, this is barely even worth a second look, much less a flag that takes points off of the board.

Best Throw (and Catch): Sanders to Martin Toe-Drag

I already went and gave Brennan Presley “Best Catch” for his impressive Mossing of two Cyclone DBs, so I had to come up with another superlative to include this one.

It’s fitting to discern between those two because, while Presley’s play was eye-popping, Sanders’ throw into double coverage is the type of dangerous pass that has gotten him into trouble throughout his career. But this throw? Have mercy.

Worst Idea: Ever Kicking Another FG in Ames

I won’t beat up on Tanner Brown. OSU kicked a 50-yard field goal on fourth-and-2. If your coach calls it, you go swing your boot at it. I’m sure he wishes he could have had that, and the 32-yard miss back. But I’m declaring a moratorum on field goal kicks in Ames until further notice.

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