Videos and Interviews from AJ Ferrari’s El Paso Camp

June 14, 2021

AJ Ferrari ran a technique camp in El Paso this past weekend and I was able to attend. The camp consisted of two sessions in which Ferrari covered some of his style and setups from his feet, some of his top work, and overall what it’s taken for him to become an NCAA champion.

He started things out with a lot of work from his feet. Setups, movement, and shots, including how and why he wrestles from his knees.

Here he shows how he uses his side-to-side movement to force guys to back out where he eventually shoots and scores.

He showed some top technique as well.

He then wrapped things up with this speech to the group.

Overall, it was interesting to get to see Ferrari in the teaching/coaching environment and something I felt could be interesting for fans to see.

He had to get back home, so this was rushed a bit, but we did get one quick interview as well where he talks about his summer, his injury, redshirt possibilities, and even his social media battles with Ben Askren.

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